What’s not to love about a nice, clean, professionally installed tile floor? It’s durable, healthy, low maintenance, and the choices are endless! Tim Lloyd Construction is the Maui contractor that can turn an ordinary floor into a work of art.

Kitchen Remodels

Nothing says home like a nice kitchen. If you’re ready to update your kitchen here on Maui, Tim Lloyd Construction has a great team of in-house craftsmen and specialty contractors to provide the kitchen of your dreams.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom remodels are the number one most cost-effective way to add to the value of your property. Tim Lloyd Construction can give you a luxurious bathroom for your home or an updated bathroom for your vacation rental that will truly make it feel like paradise. We pride ourselves in being the contractor that will get creative and turn your Maui bathroom into a work of art.


Never underestimate the importance and impact of a beautiful floor. Tim Lloyd is the Maui contractor that will help weigh the pros and cons of design options and install the floor of your dreams, from laminates and hardwood to intricate tile and stone.

Tile Work

Tim Lloyd Construction is laying beautiful tile and stone all over Maui. With tile and stone, the possibilities are truly endless. Tim Lloyd Construction can design and build your amazing tile project. Tim Lloyd Construction can turn your shower, floor, counter, patio, walkway, or backsplash into a work of art.