Scowley Vacation Rental

Fully Remodeled Designed, and Decorated Vacation Rental. This was a newly purchased vacation rental that had never been updated. Built in the early 1970s, the framing was horrible and required special attention. Rusted steel framing in the bathroom needed to be completely replaced and the ceiling was dropped as much as 1.5″ in some places to straighten it out and get ready for crown molding. A false beam was added across the unit to cover structural joists. Appliances were relocated. A custom closet was built with the needs of vacationers in mind. The water heater was replaced, resized, and concealed. A custom tile shower was built. A partition was removed to open the kitchen and add a wrapping countertop. We added wainscot and crown, bamboo floors, maple cabinets with custom lighting, sconces, pendant lights, recessed cans, wall and ceiling texture, new doors, appliances, and shower. We also played a large part in designing and decorating this unit, right down to assembling beds, hanging pictures and curtains.

Highly recommended.

If you’re looking for honest, reliable and exceptional work I would not hesitate to recommend Tim (TLC) for the job. Tim did such a sound job on the vacation unit remodel that all my guests are having a hard time leaving. This was a full transformation from top to bottom (demolished and built from the ground up) and every step of the way communication was clear and thorough. Great attributes of Tim’s work are his attention to detail and clear transparency of what’s to be expected. Very happy with the job and overall experience.

Matt Scowley