Maui is hard on a house. The combination of rain, sun, and dirt can be brutal. Nothing can make your home feel clean and new like an exterior paint job, right from the moment you pull up in your driveway. But who wants to spend weeks running around their house going up and down ladders? Hire a contractor to get in and get out so you can enjoy your home!

Paint & Stain

Tim Lloyd Construction has provided paint and staining services to a long list of satisfied customers all over Maui. We know that not all customers are the same, and neither are all projects. Tim Lloyd Construction is the Maui contractor that will treat every customer and project with the same attention and service that they deserve. We can help you pick colors and sheens for your interior and exterior paint project as well as stains and finishes for your finish carpentry or decks.

Decks & Outdoor Living

We are the Maui contractor that LOVES designing & building high-quality outdoor living areas like decks, lanais, patios and pergolas. Living on Maui, we know how important outdoor living areas are. We live outside as much as we can and our favorite thing to do is design and create outdoor living areas.